Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Drake beeeeeeen out., but good to see that people all over the globe are hip to the music

Come on now let's be serious...how many of y'all actually heard about drake before his new So Far Gone mix tape??? EXACTLY, not too many! lol

He's an artist that is so versatile. He can rap, act and also sing. In basketball terms he is a TRIPLE THREAT. Oh and as a matter of fact he also has a clothing line too, all at the age of 21. Let's be realistic, he is top 5 in the future of the hip hop industry. As you can see he has much to offer so be on the look out for Drake if you haven't already heard of him.

Drake's been out since those Degrassi acting days lol With a long line of mix tapes such as Room for Improvement, Comeback Season, Heartbreak Drake and his latest So Far Gone how is it that people have just started hearing about him? lol he is a good look for hip hop rather then these other bumb ass rappers like solja boy smh lol

Is Drake better then Lil' Wayne???



  1. true story my nigga jov knew drake would blow up since his degrassi days.....let em kno Jov!!!!!

  2. lOl im with u 200 percent on this one.
    I loved him from wayyy back
    he so adorable.

  3. I def heard about Drake while i was in syracuse...for some reason he blew up in upstate ny before the city...guess its cuz hes from canada