Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nike Foamposite Lite sell for a US $4,500.00 smh lol

Kryptonate Nate Robinson...

When we last saw these sneaks, New York Knicks Nate Robinson was wearing them in the 09 Slam Dunk Contest, but surely he is not the only one who would love to own a pair of Slam Dunk history. As far as some may know, there are no plans to release the shoe for retail, but when looking on eBay it showed the sneaker trying to sell for nearly almost $4,500.00 smh! It will have immediate status as one of the most memorable Slam Dunk Contest of the last decade!!!


  1. lOl Wow that's crazyyyy expensive!!
    there really are some ridiculous people out there really trying to buy those for that much

  2. This year's Slam Dunk contest will forever be remembered as the year that the little man came out on top. Robinson def gets props for the dunk so if the sneakers get bought it will def be a good investment

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